Blank Adhesive 40mm Round Labels (Offer Stickers)


High Quality Offer Stickers

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These blank 40mm round peelable labels are crafted from high-quality semi-glossy stock, offering a professional aesthetic to your product promotions. Their larger size is perfect for printing custom labels with your inkjet or laser printer, making them highly visible for showcasing products on special offer in your store. Not limited to product promotion, these round labels also double as elegant bag sealers. Customize them with your store logo, a seasonal graphic, or a promotional message to further enhance your brand identity.

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1 Pack (90 sheets – 2,160 stickers), 2 Packs (180 sheets – 4,320 stickers), 3 Packs (270 sheets – 6,480 stickers), 4 Packs (360 sheets – 8,640 stickers)