Wobblers (8-inch shelf wobblers in packs of 20)


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Our dynamic Wobblers are designed to create an engaging shopping experience and give your promotions the attention they deserve. These flexible, bouncy point-of-sale displays add a touch of movement and whimsy to your retail shelves, catching the eye and drawing attention to special offers, new products, or high-margin items. When customers walk by, the Wobblers “wobble” slightly due to air movement, making them hard to miss.

Not only do Wobblers add a fun element to your store, but they are also an effective, cost-efficient tool for highlighting key messages and driving impulse purchases. The Wobbler is just an 8-inch flexible plastic strip that sticks to the shelf and to the back of a small sign (such as a mini shelf talker). Easy to install and suitable for any retail environment, Wobblers stand out in the retail clutter.

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1 Pack (20 wobblers), 2 Packs (40 wobblers), 3 Packs (60 wobblers), 4 Packs (80 wobblers)